With a raw imagery, a bit of leg hair and a strong taste for the strange and disturbing, Aurélie Bayad models and shapes bodies in front of the camera. Hers, or those of other people. With her, everything is a pretext for a new shoot: a song, the discovery of an incongruous place, or even a new accessory. She just manages to catch the attention of the viewer in a round-trip between voyeurism, exhibitionism and intimacy in the age of the internet.

Extract from vice


You can find my book /ʃɛz/ on Printed matter’s catalog!  


Look at me baby, I’m yours, Brussels (group show)
S a t o r i, Brussels (group show)
Softcore, Antwerp (group show)
Biennale van België, Ghent (group show)
Bad Video Art, Moscow (group show)

3hd festival , Berlin (group show)
Habitat festival, Leuven (group show)
Ibrida festival, Forli (group show)
Zing Zang Zong, Haar, Antwerp (group show)

Internet fame, pavillon for the digital biennale, online (group show)
Nightwatch, FOMU Antwerp (group show)
الكلاب تنبح والقافلة تسير, Keistraat 1, Antwerp (group show)
The number 9, Extra City, Antwerp (group show)
X.perience an exhibition in Space, In De Ruimte, Ghent (Group show)
Kom Dat Zine, Troebel Neyntje, Antwerp (Group show)
One night only, Extra city, Antwerp (duo show)
Selfciety, Whitebox, Munich (group show)

Nightwatch, FOMU Antwerp (group show)
Post-couture launch, Paris Texas, Antwerp (group show)
Can't believe that it's real, A- Tower, Antwerp (group show)
La Grande Expo, Youth is an art, Bordeaux (group show)
art semester zima 2016, VSUP Prague (group show)

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2018: VICE Belgium - Article about my work                                                                                                                    2018the imagista - Image retouching                                                                                                            2015HEAP magazine #1 - Creator and contributor